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Rammo Jammo – a Visual Archive

In a global, multidisciplinary world, how does one efficiently communicate in instances where people of varied disciplines and cultures, speaking different languages, are working together?
Rammo Jammo is a growing effort to provide a comprehensive library of hand- drawn images that encapsulate all the trappings of contemporary life.
Similar to a scientist’s use of diagrams to convey meaning to complex theories, the Rammo Jammo images are intended to communicate complex behavior and ideas through the medium of drawing and the cultural sensitivity of the artist.
What you see here is a sample of the archive that was sent to Thinking through Drawing 2012: Drawing in STEAM event.
To have a look at the archive or to request a drawing to be included in the Rammo Jammo Archive go to rammojammo.com.
This project was supported by the KIDP and the MKE.

Design Can Do

Design Can Do began with three designers who believed that design can make a difference for the better, and they started two initial objectives: one, to host social design workshops relevant to local environments around the world, and two, to use these workshops as a test bed for developing an evolving a toolkit with a manual so that others will join us in making the world a better place through design thinking.

We hope that participation in our workshop will ignite the hunger in others to set up such initiatives and open people’s eyes to the value of design thinking and fuel an interest in many others to come and join the conversation.
For more information visit designcando.org

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